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When Designer & Founder Anette Nordrup set up GRO Children's Wear in Denmark, she decided to call it GRO, as it translated means GROW – because every mum and dad know that the most devout time is when our children grow up.  She then found old drawing, that Anette’s husband had made in a song-book as a 4-year-old. The drawing showed a crooked-legged matchstick-man with spiky hair. Anette immediately decided, that the matchstick-man should be her logo for GRO Childre's Wear. At Scandinavian Minimall, we adore this label and we're already longing for the Spring/Summer 13 collection - which is equally amazing!

  • 62 (3 months)
    74 (9 months)
    86 (18 months)
    GRO viol baby shorts

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